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Vielen Dank an Benutzer:FResHmiRrOr für diese Hauptseite!
Vielen Dank an Benutzer:FResHmiRrOr für diese Hauptseite!
As a project enjoying integrity and being currently non-profit, the subject of copyright has not been an issue yet, however in preparation for possible future changes and plans like books, maps amongst other things we might not even know yet, this paragraph has been added.
Rise of the Night (RotN) is a story and world/worldbuilding project initiated, lead and mostly written by Valdore. However, as more people have joined this project, many have contributed in various aspects and extents to the project. You&they are acknowledged as contributors within the project and its related incarnations. However, we have to make sure such a project through multi-creator work cannot be destroyed or brought into legal deadlock through someone retrating their permission for us to use their ideas and contributions, therefore:
By using RotN‘s services & websites and contributing RotN-related content (e.g. Flags, maps, characters, ideas & texts, other graphics etc.) to the project you give Valdore as the initiator and main writer of the RotN project, who therefore represents the RotN project and community as a whole, the exclusive and non-retractable rights to use, (re-)distribute and modify these contents or derived aspects worldwide, commercially and without other limitations. This rule also applies retrospectively to all contents within the RotN lore, including those not documented yet at the time of the implementation of this rule.

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