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Terms & Privacy / Data Protection

This text is targeted at the average user, and thus not in jurisdictional english (and translated by a non-native speaker).


Please simply contact us whenever you have questions or problems with (content on) one of our pages.


Whenever we set links to other pages their contents were not illegal at that time. A link can point to additional, supplementing or related material - but also can just be a reference to the cited/discussed item.

Due to personnel restrictions we cannot continuously monitor all links, but promise to respond quickly to complaints or corrections.


For questions regarding server operations and data protection/privacy questions - and if not named differently in the page's "Impressum" (imprint) also for content please contact:

   Volker Tanger
   Am Rosenhag 24a, 12623 Berlin
   phone +49 30 64828153  /  fax +49 30 86451449 

Terms & Conditions for Forum / Wiki / Mailing Lists

  • My Home, my castle - my rules!

You use our server - for which we are responsible. Thus we reserve the right to alter/defuse content and restrict or delete users. This we hopefully never have to do, because:

Be excellent to each other!

  • Please always remember that you are communicating with fellow humans. So please stay friendly and respectful. Illegal or serious hateful/derogatory content is not welcome here and will be responded to accordingly - as will be SPAMming and trolling.
  • Users posting links in the forum, wiki or comments are liable for eventual consequences.

Simple copyright

  • Whenever you post text to the wiki, forum or other pages (e.g. as comments) for public (even if sometimes limited) redistribution, we need your copyright/permission to do so. So with posting you grant us the those (simple, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, global and unlimited) rights.
  • If you violate rights of others (e.g. by uploading material without proper rights/permissions), you are liable for any damage.

Data Protection / Privacy

  • Because we believe in data protection we strive to collect only as few data as possible.

Questions regarding your data?

  • Whenever you have questions about the data we collected about you, when you would like to have such data corrected or deleted, please do not hesitate contact us (see "Contact" above - or the persons listed in the "Impressum" (imprint) of the website in question). We'll gladly help you.
  • In the forum or wiki you can simply log into your profile and review, change or delete it yourself however you like - as you can do with your entries/articles. If you have any problems, special change or export requests (e.g. SQL dumps), simply contact us.

What data do we collect?

  • Well, all texts you actively enter into our webpages - obviously. And all files you upload.
  • Mails you send to us or via one of our mailinglists.
  • If you electronically send us money (e.g. via bank transfer) we will obviously receive all information a beneficiary of such a transfer receives (e.g. account owner, transfer remarks).
  • Weblogs – which webpages or extensions have been visited (however without tracking users and IP addresses).

How do we use data?

  • Content posted on forums, wikis or comments are publicly (partially in limited access spaces) shown on the internet - unless they are deleted.
  • Mails on mailing-lists are handed out to the members of the mailing lists. To become member on one of these lists you need to aply via a Double-Opt-In procedure (like on the forum or wiki), or by personal and explicit application via the list host.
  • Mails are only kept on our servers until they are successfully sent to their destination and are then automatically deleted. This is also the case with mailboxes and mailing lists.
  • Mail server logs are (except for anonymous Weblogs) saved for technical error analysis, however only for up to 7 days.
  • Passwords are saved in hashes, so they are never accessible by anyone.
  • Our content/information is sent to you as encrypted as possible - usually via https:// or SMTPS when using mail - as long as your server/client supports this method.
  • Our servers are configured and hosted as accordingly as possible to the IT baseline protection. Therefore, no third party has access to systems with data protection-relevant information. Storage of information always is encrypted.

Cookies and Logfiles

  • When visiting our websites, no public IP addresses are saved via non-logging reverse-proxies. We only will analyze data packages and thus IP addresses if they are necessary for fixing an urgent technical problem. Data collected during this action will be deleted immediately after the problem is fixed and their use is no longer relevant.
  • Cookies are only used when you log onto our forum, wiki etc. They are used as a sort-of "entrance ticket" for yourself onto your profile as long as you save them onto your PC and are deleted automatically if you log out or delete them manually.
  • Cookies never are used for tracking by our websites.
  • We save weblogs for statistical reasons:
    • When a website has been accessed
    • Which link was used to access this website
    • An IP-Address is not storaged in this process-
    • Session tracking is not possible as we don't use tracking cookies or log IP addresses.
  • We access information on which browser is used and with what our website has to function. An identification of persons/groups should not be possible and will not be tried.

Embedded Content

  • On some pages, embedded links of third parties are used - we try to move these to more data protection-friendly websites when used on official websites. On the forums, users might use third party website embeddings, these use their own data collection if you use these embeddings.

Examples of such pages might include:

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
    • Google/Youtube
    • Third-party or affiliate links

Which data is given to third parties?

  • Personal Information entered by you in forum or wiki profiles, and any content posted in the wiki/forum (comments, threads, uploads) are publicly displayed (in exception of password and e-mail address). For that, they were entered by you, after all. Therefore, only the username is necessary to enter besides password and e-mail when registering.
  • Otherwise we do not give information to third parties.
  • Exceptions:
    • When it is necessary by law. Basically, when police or court demand information with a legal permission or possibly the finance authority when dealing with payments, donations etc.
    • Embedded Content which save your data on their own (see further above)
    • When participating in in-website lottery/prize games, data of the winner may be used to send the prize.

Data protection officer/complaints

  • As we are persons (hobby pages) or one-man/family companies, we do not have an own data protection officer - but we will try to answer your questions and complaints as best as possible.
  • If you desire to give an official complaint, then please contact the Local Officer for Data protection and Information Security in Berlin:
   Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
   Friedrichstr. 219, 10969 Berlin
  • who you can talk to. We would like it if you to approach us first to solve possible problems directly, however.