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Corposphere (Konzernosphäre)

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Checkpoint Entry of a Corposphere

A Corposphere (Konzernosphäre) , sometimes referred to as Concernosphere based on the German term, is a (sometimes pejorative) term describing a corporate-owned area that contains all necessities of an average person inside it, making it possible for people employed at the corporation to spend all or the majority of their lives inside the corporate biosphere. Thus, such areas contain institutions of all kinda necessary for life, including private schools or medics.
Corpospheres are almost exclusively limited to America and Japan as well as a few in other Countries. The Moon Cities, despite all three being government-serviced, are sometimes referred to as Government Corpospheres as well, especially as Tiananmen and Usagijo stations have notable corporate influence.
Because of their all-providing nature, where publicly owned services are barely ever used, citizens of the Corposphere and the area itself benefit from partial or sometimes even complete tax cuts, making them increasingly attractive for lower-class people who contract themselves or their whole family and successors to the corporation.


Konzernosphäre/Corposphere is a portmanteau (blend of words) of concern/corporation and biosphere.



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List of Corpospheres